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Exercício 43 - Trabalhando com vocabulário

Tente preencher os exercícios abaixo sem olhar as palavras no fim do tópico.

Compound nouns - São duas palavras que podem estar ligadas em uma só (ex: earrings) ou não (bus driver).
Acerte as palavras por sua definição ou diálogo:

a - Mary: "Oh, my God, this watch is too expensive!"
John: "Don´t worry, sis. I don´t have any cash but I can pay by using my______."

b - Mary: "John, do you like _______ movies ?"
John: "No, I don´t. I prefer comedies."

c - _________ : place where you buy tickets to watch movies.

d - _________ : you wear them to protect your eyes from the sun.

------- // -------

The verbs below represent actions we do with our hands. Complete the sentences using a verb.

a - When we see that someone is looking for us in a crowded place we usually _______.
b - If my brother is studying quietly in his bedroom and the door is closed I must _______ before entering.
c - When we vote we ______ buttons.

------- // -------

Business vocabulary

a - She is worried because she is going to have a very important _______ with her boss and her manager as soon as she gets to work tomorrow morning.

b - Companies which __________ clothes are always hiring taylors.

c - José: "Boss, we have evidence that the new employee has been stealing money from the company since he started working here."
Maria: "________ him as soon as he gets here tomorrow."

Eis as palavras que serão usadas nos 3 exercícios acima. Elas estão fora de ordem e quatro palavras estão sobrando, ou seja, aparecem na lista só para dificultar.

box office
credit card
savings account
science fiction

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