quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009

Exercício 39

1 – Passe a frase abaixo para o masculino.
She told herself that her husband would never do that to her again.

2 – Escreva um substantivo relacionado aos verbos abaixo.
Ex: read – book
Lose –
Wait –
Ride –
Fix –
Hurt –

3 – Responda:
If Julia is my aunt I am her__________
If Sophia is my great-grandmother I am her __________
If Manoela is my stepmother I am her __________

4 – Corrija as 3 frases erradas abaixo e identifique a certa:
It usually takes her two hours to get home on Fridays.
How many young kids did come to school yesterday ?
Whose is this wonderful diamond ring ?
She is a woman so intelligent that everybody wants her help all the time.

5 – Siga o exemplo:
She is beautiful. (girl)
Resp – She is a beautiful girl.

She is ugly. (girl)
It is unique. (opportunity)
I´ve just bought a nice car. (40,000 dollars) (Cuidado !)

6 – Escolha a melhor opção para as frases abaixo:
I don´t know anything about (Miss, Mrs, Ms) Johnson.
I (used to sleep, am used to sleeping) at 1 every night because I like to sleep late.
While the man was reading the newspaper, the woman (watched, was watching) TV.

7 – O que está faltando nas frases abaixo ?
Do you like chocolate ? Yes, I like very much.
I don´t like chemestry because is too difficult.
She told me she would like to become dentist.
She plays piano pretty well !

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