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Gabaritos dos Exercícios 1 a 9

Gabarito 1

Preencha as 8 perguntas abaixo com do - does - is - are
1 – Is she tired ?
2 - Are those people at the bank ?
3 – Do the men in your office wear ties ?
4 - Is the thief still in the neighborhood ?
5 – Does the bus take us to Lagoa ?
6 – Do all the books belong to you ?
7 – Is it a non-stop flight ?
8 – Do the red flags have stars ?

1 – she
2 – those people
3 – the men in your office
4 – the thief
5 – all the books
6 – it
7 – the red flags

Troca de palavras

1 – Is she sad ?
2 – Are those men at the bank ?
3 – Do the men in your office wear jackets ?
4 – Is the girl still in the neighborhood ?
5 – Does the bus take us to Botafogo ?
6 – Do all the books belong to him ?
7 - Is it a non-stop train ?
8 – Do the red shirts have stars ?

Pronomes Interrogativos

1 – Who is she ?
2 – Where are those people ?
3 – When do the men in your office wear ties ?
4 – Why is the thief still in the neighborhood ?

Gabarito 2

Gabarito das frases erradas.
Sempre em pares de 2 linhas: em cima a errada, em baixo a certa.

Frases com verbos errados.
Todas pensadas em Português.

I have 18 years old.
I am

I am with Michael on line 2.
I have Michael

She is using a nice T-shirt.
She is wearing

Let me pay a sandwich for you.
Let me buy you.

She did many friends in Lisbon last year.
She made

I forgot my cell phone in the car this afternoon.
I left

Have a strange girl in the room.
There is

She drives her bike every day.
She rides

She arrives in her house at 9p.m every night.
She gets home at..

I heard to say that she´s not coming.
I heard she´s...

She let me alone yesterday.
She left me

She lost the bus this morning.
She missed

Rise your hand !

She said me that she´s in love with me.
She said
She said to me
She told me

They passed three months in Canada last year.
They spent

They were going to steal the bank.
They were going to rob

She gives class here.
She teaches here.

They win $1,000.00 a month.
They make

I am going to lunch in 10 minutes.
I am going to have lunch

I walk watching a lot of movies lately.
I have been watching

Attend the phone !
Answer the phone

She´s been exploring him for years.
She´s been exploiting

She´s just painted her hair.
She´s just dyed

Are you liking your food ?
Are you enjoying

She pretends to be a singer.
She wants

You remember me of my mother.
You remind me of

He borned last month.
He was born

Do you study here ?
Do you go here ?

He is cutting the lawn.
He is mowing

He beat the door furiously.
He slammed

My mother is a housewife; my father works out.
...my father is a dentist, a doctor, an engineer...

He is hearing music.
He is listening to

I take 10 minutes to take a shower.
It takes me 10 minutes to...

Erase the lights !
Turn off

I passed all my clothes yesterday.
I ironed

She´s not passing well.
She´s not feeling well

I cut my hair yesterday.
I had my hair cut

Let´s ask a pizza.
Let´s order

They married yesterday.
They got married

I was seeing TV when you called.
I was watching TV

Gabarito 3

1 were
2 am not
3 do
4 don't
5 hasn't - is
6 were - were
7 nada
8 was ou wasn't - was ou wasn't
9 don't - have
10 don't
11 nada1
2 doesn't
13 was ou wasn't - was ou wasn't
14 have
15 is
16 don't
17 are
18 is - doesn't
19 has
20 don't e is ou nada e isn't
21 are
22 nada
23 are
24 did/didn't - was
25 has

Gabarito 4

Is it safe here ?
Do you have a car insurance ?

I have a light blue T-shirt.
Of course I want to go with you.

Father, forgive me for I have sinned.
We need a priest.

It´s his fate !
São Paulo is our destination.

The judge and the lawyer are coming.
A referee works in a soccer match.

She is less intelligent than the other girl.
Four minus one equals three

Let´s go to the beach today. At 9a.m.
Let´s go to the movies tonight. At 8p.m

I have already read this.
Have you brushed your teeth yet ?

Put the box under the bed.
The teller is my friend.

I´ll go there. Even if it´s raining.
It´s not the same. Let´s go.

It´s time to say goodbye.
The weather is nice tonight.

I love you very much.
This food is too hot ! I can´t eat it now.

We´ll meet at the bus stop.
They lost by fourteen points.

These gloves are made of rubber.
You´ll need a pencil and an eraser today.

You are too young to watch this.
My new car is wonderful !

Stop complaining ! The box is light.
Turn off the light.

I´ll have to book a room.
I haven´t bought that book yet.

My flat is comfortable.
We´ve got a flat tire.

He´s cool ! I like him.
It´s so cool in here…

The book is on the table. (Dãããã…)
Take a look at the table of items.

May I help you ?
I was born in May.

Jump over this wall ! Quickly !
The walls in my house are white.

How can you stand her ?
Am I standing on your left foot ?

The pen is blue. (Dãããã 2 – A missão )
Poor girl… She´s so blue ! Let´s talk to her

Gabarito 5

Na linha de cima a errada, na de baixo a certa

Mrs Angela is a nice woman. Her name is Angela Oliveira Silva.
Mrs Angela Silva ou Mrs Silva

Good night, Julie. How are you ?
Good evening

I need to buy a pencil and a eraser for my son.
an eraser

Waiter: "Wait a minute, sir. This is your key ?"
Is this your key ?

I think that is impossible to read this.
that it is impossible

My wallet is in my bed.
on my bed

I live in Brazil.My parents live in United States.
in the United States

How is your girlfriend ? Resp: She is tall and beautiful.
What is your girlfriend like ?

My mother has 52 years.
My mother is 52 years old.

She is using a beautiful white dress.
She is wearing

My new jeans is blue.
are blue

Your book is yellow and yours pens are blue.
your pens

São Paulo Futebol Clube was the champion of last year.
was last year's champion.

What time is it ? Resp: It is eleven nine. We are almost ten minutes late.
eleven oh nine

Whose is this cell phone ?
Whose cell phone is this ?

It's sun ! Let's play soccer outside.
Its sunny.

I go to work by car and my parents go by foot.
on foot

These are my sons: Bob and Julia.
my children

Good morning. Here is Fabio speaking.
This is Fabio speaking.

Have a cockroach in the kitchen.
There is

My mother is secretary.
a secretary

I like very much chocolate.
chocolate very much

What time you want to go ?
do you

My brother plays piano all the time.
the piano

I go usually to Teresópolis to visit my friends.
usually go

Do you can help me ?
Can you

The Rio Sul is on Lauro Sodré street.
Rio Sul

How went your weekend ?
How was

With who did you travel?
Who did you travel with ?

I kicked the ball and hurt my finger. Now I can't walk.
my toe

I borned in Rio de Janeiro.
I was born

Did you enjoy the trip ? Resp: Yes, I enjoyed.
Yes I did

Gabarito 6

Coloque uma palavra que faça sentido na frase:

1 - many
2 - eat
3 - raining
4 - do
5 - she6 - usually
7 - door
8 - to
9 - like
10 - ten - magazine

Gabarito 7

1 - Ligado ao substantivo singular.
2 - Brothers só para homens
3 - Her 1 - Adjective pronoun; Her 2 - Objective pronoun.
4 - Ação que começou no passado e se prolonga para o futuro.
5 - Usamos whether e nao if ligado a or.

Retire do texto:
1 - older - most important night
2 - tomorrow
3 - a good idea

Gabarito 8

1 - Luis's life
2 - The boys' lives
3 - Pedro LIKES TO play THE piano.
4 - there is
5 - Pedro is eleven years old...
6 - Pedro goes to school every day.
7 - relaxes ou rests
8 - a musician in Germany.

Gabarito 9

1– Those people see the actress on TV every day.
2 – Do those people see the actress on TV every day ?
3 – When do those people see the actress on TV ?
They see her on TV every day.
4 – Already - Those people have already seen the actress on TV.
Yesterday - Those people saw the actress on TV yesterday.
Tomorrow night - Those people are going to see the actress on TV tomorrow night.
Yet - Those people haven't seen the actress on TV yet
5 – Artist
6 – The actress is seen on TV every day ( by the people ).
7 – The actress was seen on TV yesterday.
The actress is going to be seen on TV tomorrow.
8 – They see her on Tv

Veja a frase a seguir
She used to buy bread every day at the supermarket

1 – Errada, primeiro o lugar, depois o tempo. She...at the supermarket every day.
2 – Bread used to be bought...
3 – She didn't use to buy...
4 – What did she use to buy...?
She used to buy bread...
5 – They used to buy bread ( e nao breads)...
6 – She used to buy any bread ( qualquer pão )
She didn't use to buy any bread ( nenhum tipo de pão )
7 – How much bread did she use to buy...?

Corrija os erros das frases e explique
1 – I have an unit to study in the book.
a unit - usamos a e nao an antes de u com som de you.
2 – While I was talking on the phone, had an ambulance going down the street
..., there was an ambulance
Usamos there to be para existência
3 – Have you ever gone to Europe ?
Have you ever been to Europe ?
gone - foi e não voltou
been - foi e já voltou
Ex: Maria has gone to Europe. ( ainda tá lá )
I've been to Canada 3 times ( e tô aqui no RJ )
4 - Last Tuesday I made two things: first I visited my mother, after I went to the shopping.
Não é made, é did - atividade geral.
Não é after é then, after that ou afterwards. Palavras que indicam sequência de acontecimentos.
5 – I think I am going to kill him
I think I will. Usamos think + will

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