quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2008

Exercício 13

As frases abaixo podem servir de tópicos de conversação ou redação.

1 - How was your life in 2004 ? Was it better or worse than nowadays ?
2 - Would you accept a free trip to spend only a weekend in Spain ? You can only get there on Sat at 1 p.m and come back on Sun at 6 p.m
You have to watch a soccer match. Live.
You are only allowed to watch it and come back.
3 - What are two situations in your life that you feel you have to be prepared for all the time ?
4 - Would you be able to spend one month without using your credit card ?
5 - If you were the new manager in a big company and your employees asked you to do something to reduce the number of meetings what would you do ?
6 - What is the biggest challenge in your life ?
7 - Do you think you have a balance between your professional life and your personal life ? 9 - When you are very tired, what activities make you relax ?
8 - What is something that you don't do much but would like to do more ?
9 - Complete the sentences
I am
I would like to be
I am a person who
I like people who
When I am very sad I usually
A great place I've been to is
One thing I do well is
One person I really admire is
Someday I'll buy
It is hard for me to
I finally decided to
It is always impossible for me to
10 - What makes you wake up early on a Sunday ?

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