quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

Exercício 2

Corrija as frases com verbos errados.
Todas foram pensadas em Português.

I have 18 years.
I am with Michael on line 2.
She is using a nice T-shirt.
Let me pay a sandwich for you.
She did many friends in Lisbon last year.
I forgot my cell phone in the car this afternoon.
Have a strange girl in the room.
She drives her bike every day.
She arrives in her house at 9p.m every night.
I heard to say that she´s not coming.
She let me alone yesterday.
She lost the bus this morning.
Rise your hand !
She said me that she´s in love with me.
They passed three months in Canada last year.
They were going to steal that lady.
She gives class here.
They win $1,000.00 a month.
I am going to lunch in 10 minutes.
I walk watching a lot of movies lately.
Attend the phone !
She´s been exploring him for years.
She´s just painted her hair.
Are you liking your food ?
She pretends to be a singer when she gets older.
You remember me of my mother.
He borned last month.
Do you study here ?
He is cutting the lawn.
He beat the door furiously.
My mother is a housewife; my father works out.
He is hearing music.
I take 10 minutes to take a shower.
Erase the lights !
I passed all my clothes yesterday.
She´s not passing well.
I cut my hair yesterday.
Let´s ask a pizza.
They married yesterday.
I was seeing TV when you called.

2 comentários:

bruno disse...

Fala Fábio. Bem bacana esse exercício, pois faz com que a gente definitivamente se liberte do pensamento em português. No caso da frase "Do you study here?", vc coloca "Do you go here?". Poderia ser também "Do you attend here?". Abs!

Fabio Costa e Silva disse...

Pode mas é um pouquinho mais incomum.