quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

Exercício 5

Todas as linhas têm erro. Corrija-os.

Mrs Angela is a nice woman. Her name is Angela Oliveira Silva.
Good night, Julie. How are you ?
I need to buy a pencil and a eraser for my son.
Waiter: "Wait a minute, sir. This is your key ?"
I think that is impossible to read this.
My wallet is in my bed.
I live in Brazil. My parents live in United States.
How is your girlfriend ? Resp: She is tall and beautiful.
My mother has 52 years.
She is using a beautiful white dress.
My new jeans is blue.
Your book is yellow and yours pens are blue.
São Paulo Futebol Clube was the champion of last year.
What time is it ? Resp: It is eleven nine. We are almost ten minutes late.
Whose is this cell phone ?
It's sun ! Let's play soccer outside.
I go to work by car and my parents go by foot.
These are my sons: Bob and Julia.
Good morning. Here is Fabio speaking.
Have a cockroach in the kitchen.
My mother is secretary.
I like very much chocolate.
What time you want to go ?
My brother plays piano all the time.
I go usually to Teresópolis to visit my friends.
Do you can help me ?
The Rio Sul is on Lauro Sodré street.
How went your weekend ?
With who did you travel?
I kicked the ball and hurt my finger. Now I can't walk.
I borned in Rio de Janeiro.
Did you enjoy the trip ? Resp: Yes, I enjoyed.

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