sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2009

Exercício 37

Nos pares de frases abaixo, marque a correta, corrija a errada e explique o erro:

1 – What color is it?
Do you know what time is it ?

2 – He can be a little late tonight.
They might have to run to get there at 7.

3 – Who did come here yesterday ?
Who did they meet yesterday ?

4 – She said she needed some advices.
Do you have any information about the robbery ?

5 – I´ll call you as soon as I get there.
(phone ringing) “I´m going to answer it.”

6 – She is taking her daughter to school now.
She takes 1 hour to get to work by bus.

7 – I bought a lot of good books when I was younger.
I bought a lot of good books yesterday.

8 – Who is that tall woman over there ?
Whose is this beautiful black car ?

9 – There are three knifes in the kitchen.
Those four houses need to be painted.

10 – The people usually have breakfast before 8 on weekdays.
Women are more sensitive than men.

11 – I´ve already talked to my mother. Have you talked to yours yet ?
She´s just done her homework. Have you ever done yours ?

12 – I agree with you. I don´t like liver too.
If she has to wash the dishes I´ll probably have to do something too.

13 – I´m sick and tired of having dinner alone.
She is interested in work here.

14 – Take an umbrella with you but don´t lose it again.
Wake up ! You must not lose the school bus today.

15 – Andorra is an European country located between Spain and France.
I need an empty box to put my magazines.

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