sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2008

Vocabulário II

Preencha os espaços com a palavra adequada.

  1. You have to ___________________your teeth 3 times a day every day.
  2. A ___________________ is a place where people go to after they finish high school.
  3. An ___________________ is a thing you turn on when it´s hot in your bedroom or living room.
  4. A ___________________ is something used for writing but if you make a mistake you can erase and write again.
  5. A ___________________ is a thing you need to cut vegetables and meat.
  6. You need a ___________________ to lock your house or car.
  7. “ Oh, my God ! I ___________________ the bus again ! Now I´ll have to go to work on foot.”
  8. “ I´m wet because I ___________________ my umbrella and didn´t have money to ___________________ another one.”
  9. She put her books in her ___________________ and went to school.
  10. Some people think that ___________________ is the best season because you can go to the bveach every day but I prefer winter.

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