segunda-feira, 4 de agosto de 2008

Diário em redação II

Angra dos Reis, August 1-3, 2008

It was one of the best weekends in our lives. Flavia, Laís and I spent 3 wonderful days in one of the best resorts in Brazil: Eco Resort in Angra.
We got there on Friday at noon and, very tired, because we had left Rio at 6:30h, slept a little before lunch.
The food was incredible: lots of options, wonderfully prepared.
In the afternoon and evening, still tired, we spent the day by the pool, had dinner and slept early, around 10 o´clock.
Saturday was THE BEST day. It was the day I´m sure my daughter will never forget and maybe it´was the best day in her life so far. She played, had fun and laughed from 9a.m to 11p.m with the people at kid´s point. Flavia and I relaxed lying lazily by the pool, eating ice cream and getting tanned.
It rained on Sunday and then we had the only bad moment: the traffic when we got back home. We were supposed to be in Rio in two hours and a half but it took us almost five. We went straight to my grandmother´s. Hungry and exhausted.
That´s it. I´ll try to tell you guys the things about my weekends every Monday. In English of course.

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