terça-feira, 25 de novembro de 2008

BakeryChipsDyeLiving roompenteacher
BarclassmateeraserLotpencil caseThroat
Bed CloudyEyebrowsLungsPost OfficeTiring
Bus stationDeepKitchenNostrilsStadiumYoung

Separe as palavras acima por grupos:

1 - School
2 - House
3 - Adjectives
4 - Body
5 - Places
6 - Actions
7 - Food

Agora, insira palavras acima no exercício a seguir.

Obs - Faça por colunas. As palavras vão sempre de cima pra baixo, nunca na ordem inversa, ou seja, se você já escolheu uma palavra, aquela que está acima dela não será mais usada.

I sit on my favorite _________ to watch TV every night.
I put my books in my _________ and go to school.
We buy bread at the _________.
My _________ is too small for me. There´s only my bed and my closet in it.
We always buy books at the _________.
I _________ my hair every morning before breakfast.
We use _________ to write on the blackboard.
A good cell phone is expensive. A simple one is _________.
The sky is _________. There are a lot of clouds in the sky.
I always eat _________ when I make a salad.
They like to _________ on Saturday nights.
You should _________ the arrow out of the house, not inside it.
A ________ is a place where we buy medicine.
Humans are made of ________ and blood.
You should keep the fruit in the ________ except bananas.
It was such a ________ movie that she couldn´t sleep at night.
If you comit a crime and get caught, you go to ________.
Leave the microwave oven in the ________; don´t take it to the bedroom.
Turn the stereo off. It is too late and it is too ________.
Stop biting your ________. It makes you more and more nervous.
I keep my pens and pencils in my ________.
Don´t ________ to be someone you´re not. Eventually she´ll find it out.
She makes me ________. She´s my best student.
The American Flag is ________. The Brazilian one is not.
She lives in the 49th floor. Wow ! What a ________ building !!!
I had a ________ day yesterday. I started to work at 6 in the morning and stopped at 11p.m
I´m going to ________ the flowers. Would you like to come along ?

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