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Exercício 47 - Corrigir erros de frases

Nível intermediário - avançado

Muitos alunos não gostam deste tipo de exercício: ver uma frase errada e decifrar o erro para depois corrigí-lo. Mas é um exercício que aparece muito em provas e serve para testar como está o Inglês da pessoa, ou seja, como ela falaria naturalmente frases típicas do dia a dia. Coloco sempre frases que seriam pensadas em Português e ditas em Inglês de modo errado.
Sem contar que já estamos no meio de outubro. Muitas pessoas viajam para o exterior em dezembro e janeiro para aprender Inglês e se tentarem falar pensando em Português não serão compreendidas.
Mais de 40 frases erradas abaixo:

It was an exercise so difficult that nobody could do it.
I don't know what time is it.
I take 20 minutes to read this magazine.
She told me to don't go there.
Give me a 100 dollars bill so I can buy what you need.
I heard to say that Paris is wonderful.
Who did give you this book ? It seems wonderful.
Whose is this wonderful white dress ?
The men don't like to ask for information when they are lost.
To overtake on the right is forbidden by the Brazilian laws.
She exercises 3 times by week.
She has just finished to type 6 letters.
Don't buy this blue t-shirt. I think the yellow is much more beautiful.
I'm very happy because I still have a little good books.
Maria went out. Would you like to talk to her ?
Or you help me with housework or you do your homework. You can't play soccer now.
Man, if you went to the party yesterday you would eat a lot. The food was awesome.
Do you know Mark's parents ? Yes, I knew them at the party last weekend.
You know that I hate baseball. In fact I don't like basketball too.
When was invented the telephone ?
Help ! He is running behind me.
The girl is sad because those boys are laughing to her.
Oh my God ! Have lots of insects in the living room.
I didn't enjoy the party but my wife enjoyed.
I don't believe it. Are you living on Vieira Souto ??? Please, tell me more about it.
I already have called her. Don't worry.
I know you like very much your teacher but she has to go home now.
I forgot my umbrella at home this morning.
My computer is not working properly. Can I use your for a minute ?
How many cups of tea these people want ?
Good afternoon ! I am going to want french fries and a large coke.
There is a nice movie at 10p.m today.
I woke up at 8 when I was a child.
We've known us for a long time.
Mary is a good student. She goes to the school every day.
There is not money enough to buy this.
You can take everything you want less the books. I want them.
She can run very fastly.
How long do you live in Rio ?
I can't call him. I wish to know his number.
These musics are great ! Can you lend me this CD ?
It's a black old table. She bought it more than 40 years ago.
I don't need your advices !

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Vc poderia postar as frases corrigidas? Percebi que cometo muitos erros assim... Obrigada!

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Olá Fábio,boa tarde.
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Olá seria possivel enviar as frases corrigidas?
Mto obrigada

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