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Meu Segundo Livro para Download Grátis

Personalidade:FABIO COSTA E SILVA DA ROCHA - Autor(a)
Registro:426504 , no Livro 798 , Folha 164 , em 05/03/2008
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Oi pessoal !
Este livro é exclusivamente dedicado aos meus alunos. O primeiro, 40 dicas para aprender Inglês, foi um livro básico para iniciantes, escrito todo em Português com dicas de como proceder melhor para aprender e com tópicos de gramática.
Este não é um livro básico. É um romance em Inglês que relata as conversas e os acontecimentos na vida de 4 jovens. Nele procurei usar ao máximo o vocabulário natural da língua inglesa, sem facilidades para estudantes. O Inglês como ele é. Ele foi idealizado quando, numa semana de agosto ou setembro, não lembro bem, 3 alunos meus não conseguiram fazer deveres de casa que eu tinha passado envolvendo textos por causa de falta de tempo.
Reconheço que Faculdade e Trabalho ao mesmo tempo, que acontece com uns 95% dos meus alunos e aconteceu comigo por muito tempo também é quase impossível de conciliar. Por isso não sou rigoroso ao cobrar os deveres feitos mas tem gerado um problema que está virando uma bola de neve: as pessoas quase não lêem mais e isto atrapalha muito o vocabulário e a fala em Inglês.
O que eu queria mesmo é que meus alunos lessem meu acervo de livros de Danielle Steel, Stephen King e Sidney Sheldon, todos com mais de 300 páginas cada. E que isso fosse feito continuamente, mas é extremamente difícil de conseguir, não pelo conteúdo mas pelo número de páginas.
Escrevi então um livro mais curto, uma mistura de conto com romance. Algumas pessoas talvez digam: "Pô o livro é só isso ?" Na verdade eu queria e tinha planejado que fosse maior, por volta de 100 páginas mas cairia no mesmo problema dos outros: ninguém iria ler por falta de tempo.
Então pessoal, por favor, leiam. Tentem ler e resolver os 40 exercícios que preparei no final. É muito importante pra vocês. Estou terminando a digitação dele no fim de dezembro de 2007 para que em janeiro e fevereiro, meses de férias das faculdades, todos tenham tempo pra ler. Na verdade dá pra matar tudo num fim de semana.
Valeu galera e obrigado a todos os meus alunos, meus grandes amigos, por terem aulas, indicarem outras pessoas e, principalmente, pelo ótimo relacionamento que temos.
Grande abraço.

Symbols of youth

Chapter 1

"I won't do that!"
"Ok, you won't, but don't ask me to help you anymore. You know that's what you have to do."
"I know it would be good for me but I'm not that kind of girl. I don't destroy people."
"But you let them destroy you. We both know you don't deserve that, you've been the best girlfriend ever. Nobody would do what you have done."
It was the middle of August. It had been raining for more than one week, including two weekends, and Sarah and Jane, as well as the rest of their classmates, were sick and tired of that weather.
At least the winters are not cold in Rio. Actually, it's even possible to spend some days at the beach after school, when the sun is already warm enough by one o'clock.
Sarah's been living in the city for almost 17 years. It seems to her it's
been an entire life but in fact she was born in Belo Horizonte 19 years ago. Her parents, two English teachers, left BH in 1990 looking for better opportunities in another city.
She was raised in a good neighborhood and went to two good schools. She's never had any serious problems with her family. Mark, her brother, is a calm and intelligent guy who has never caused her any problems, and John and Lisa Harley are simply perfect, the kind of parents you'd ask God if you had the opportunity.
Jane Thompson is her best friend. They've known each other for more than 10 years, since they were little kids who didn't worry about romantic relationships. They used to play videogames every afternoon and talk on the phone for hours in the evenings when both of them dreamt about Prince Charming.
Jane's prince's name is Edward, a smart 24-year-old lawyer who works with his uncle in an office downtown. Jane and Edward have been seeing each other for more than 4 years and they intend to get married as soon as she's finished college.
Sarah's prince...

Chapter 2

"I'll do it, man, and it's gonna be today."
"Please Bobby, don't do it. You have a girlfriend who loves you more than anyone I've ever met and you'll surely regret it. You're not thinking clearly."
"Bullshit, Tony, I'm a man, and I won't let this opportunity pass. She's a fox and we both know she's completely crazy for me."
"Ok, man, it's your call."
Bobby and Tony are the kind of good friends that do everything together, or almost.
Born in the same year and raised in the same street, both of them love sports, videogames and girls but with one difference: Bobby wants all of them and at the same time.
Back in the early 90's when they were kids, Tony Scott used to be very thin and clumsy. All the girls in school laughed at him as he couldn't do
anything right like scoring a goal or talking to one of them without trembling.
Bobby White, on the other hand, was everyone's idol: strong, handsome and smart. He was Jack White's only son, the owner of the largest mall in town.
Ok, he is rich, has been all his life but he's also an honest, nice and helpful guy.
Everytime he's got a chance he does his best to be useful to people, making their lives better by lending them money and never asking back or even giving them clothes, buying all sorts of medication or doing some homework that they are always in need.
His only problem is Melissa. And Gabrielle, and Samantha, and Julia
and Monica...

Chapter 3

Melissa Johnson's weekend wasn't very good. On Friday night her cell phone was stolen while she was listening to some music through her brand new MP3 on the subway, coming back from college where she had a strong argument with her literature teacher about some homework he hadn't
"It's garbage, Mel. My 6-year-old daughter can do it much better" said Mr. Thompson when he handed her the homework.
"What? I spent the entire night yesterday doing this and you tell me it's shit? How dare you?" she complained loudly attracting everybody's attention.
"I gave you 15 days to do it. You shouldn't have done it yesterday. It's easy to see that everything is a copy from this web site," he told her showing her the address at the bottom of the page.
"Bring me another one on Monday and I'll see whether you can get a B or a C."
Furious, she left the classroom and headed for the subway station. She only wanted to get home, take a cold shower and get some sleep. She hadn't planned to spend a weekend studying. All she wanted to do was hang out with Bobby all the time until Monday.
Waiting for the train, she opened her purse, turned on her mp3 player and selected one of the folders inside. Mostly Brazilian and American songs.
Five minutes later the train came. It was not crowded but she couldn't find a place to sit and started to take a look at the newspaper which she hadn't had the opportunity during the day.
Seven stations later, in Botafogo, she was going to get her cell phone when she noticed her purse was open. The phone wasn't there anymore and she started to cry. She would have to buy another one and try to get all the numbers again.
"What the hell!"
She left the station, her house keys in her right hand, crossed the street, said hello to the doorman and entered the elevator.
She lives on the tenth floor and sometimes it is impossible to get to the apartment quickly. The damned elevator stopped on almost every floor.
Finally at home, tired, sad and hungry, her first attitude was to call the cell phone company and cancel the number.
Then she slowly took a cold shower, fixed herself some sandwiches and a glass of juice, and went to bed. It was late to call Bobby. He would probably be sleeping by then.
Saturday was a little better. Surprisingly she slept well. Didn´t wake up at night and didn´t dream about anything.
It was nine o´clock and it was raining and a little cold, around 18 degrees. “Well”, she thought, “it couldn´t be any better for studying and doing that silly homework. I´d better start doing it now and then I´ll call Bobby.”
So she went to the kitchen, drank some water and took her things to begin writing.
She didn´t like to do things little by little so she tried to end everything she had planned. By one o´clock in the afternoon it was over. Tired, she called Bobby´s house and talked to his mother, Mrs. Brenda White, a wonderful lady and an excellent cook. Everybody in the neighborhood knew about her ability with cakes and pies and they tried to eat them as often as possible.
Bobby was playing soccer with his friends in a club nearby. They usually went to the beach but as it was cold they decided not to risk this time and go to an indoor court.
Melissa told her she would call later. Hungry, all she wanted to do at that moment was to eat a large quantity of rice and beans made by her grandmother, Sonia, who lived a few blocks away.
“Hey, that´s a good idea” she thought, “ I may go there now, eat and sleep a little and then I´ll call Bobby and we'll decide what to do in the evening.”

Chapter 4

The match was almost over and there was a penalty kick for the Mad
Dogs. They were losing 2-1 and they didn´t have any other option but to win. They would have to score two more goals to reach the finals and try to be the champions for the fourth time in five years, three in a row.
Bobby took a deep breath, ran and shot the ball right into the middle of the goal. He knew the Red Fighters´goallie would jump to one side and he was right. The match was tied. There were only two minutes left.
A few seconds later, right after having the possession of the ball again the Dogs scored the third goal. It was Tony this time in a very beautiful and strong shot after a precise pass coming from Bobby.
“ It´s a dream, man! We´ve made it again! Nobody can stop us now.” said Tony to Bobby at the end of the game. “Let´s celebrate all night”, Bobby told him without knowing whether he cried or laughed.
Watching the match there was a stunning blond girl named Gabrielle.
As soon as it was over she ran towards Bobby, hugged him and said “ What
about celebrating with me, babe ? Just the two of us in my place. My parents won´t be there tonight.”
It was heaven for Bobby. He had planned to call Sarah or Melissa, or
even both of them, separately of course, to go out that night but he could do it later. Gaby was fresh meat and it was an opportunity not to waste.
“Ok babe, I´ll meet you in an hour. Your place.”
“It´s a date.”

Chapter 5

Lying in bed, totally spent after making love to Gabrielle for the third time, Bobby couldn´t avoid thinking about his two girlfriends. They didn´t deserve that, he admitted to himself, but at the same time he knew he couldn´t avoid it. It was stronger than him. Watching the girl sleep, images of Sarah and Melissa came to his mind, back to 2006 when he met them for the first time. Sarah on a sunny Sunday in March and Mel in June.
“Come on, man, let´s go!” said Tony to Bobby at 8 o´clock sharp. “The water must be clean and clear, I can´t wait any longer. Stand up!”
“Man, I went to bed at 3 yesterday,” said Bobby refusing to wake up. “Can´t you wait a few more minutes?” he asked hoping he would sleep a little more but he knew it was useless.
“No, I can´t. The more we stay here, the less we enjoy this beautiful day. Wake up!”
“Ok, ok. But let me just wash my face and have a glass of juice. I´ll be ready in 10 minutes.”
Fifteen minutes later they were on their bikes going to Ipanema. The day was really nice and Bobby had to admit it was a waste of time to be indoors.
“Tony, I never get tired of riding here. I think Lagoa is the most beautiful place in Rio. Even more than the beaches.”
“Yeah. I feel like that too. You know, I´m still hungry. I woke up at 6 and had only a glass of milk. I´d like to eat a sandwich or something before we get there, ok ?”
“No problem. I´m hungry too.”
So they got to a gas station on the corner of San Martin and Bartolomeu Mitre in Leblon. There were a few cars and four or five people inside the snack bar drinking and eating at the tables enjoying that wonderful Saturday in March.
Tony saw a friend of his that Bobby didn´t know and started to talk to
him. Meanwhile, Bobby saw an attractive blue-eyed girl with long blond hair with a sad face holding what seemed to be a hot dog and a can of soda.
Mesmerized, he said to her: “ Do you need some help? You seem so
sad. Is there any problem ?”
“Oh, no, it´s ok. I thought I had $10 in my pocket but I must have forgotten the money. I can find only five and I´ll have to choose another thing to eat because this isn´t enough for the hot dog and the Coke.” she told him and he could notice by her accent she was not from Rio, probably Minas Gerais.
“Don´t worry. I´ve just bought something for me and I think there are, let me see, some 5 or 6 coins here that must be enough for you. Would you mind if I paid for it ?”
“Oh, that´s very nice of you. I owe you one.” she said and he was desperate not to let her go. She was amazingly beautiful.
“You are from Minas, aren´t you?” he asked her and saw a smile on her face.
“Yes. How did you find out? I was born there but I came to Rio very soon. Do I still have that accent?”
“Oh, yes. Are your parents from there too?" he asked her hoping they could talk forever.
“Yes, they are. Maybe that´s why I still talk like this. I´m with them all the time and it´s easy to get an accent when you have a lot of contact with it.” she said, her hair resting on her shoulders, her lips making him completely crazy for every word she said.
“Listen, my pal Tony and I here are going to the beach now. Would you like to join us?”
“ Well, I have to study for a test on Monday but I think a couple of hours wouldn´t do me any harm.” she said and it was like winning the lottery for him.
“ Bobby, let´s go” said Tony saying goodbye to his friend after talking to him some 20 minutes while Bobby was with the girl.
“Ok, let´s”. “Uh, what´s your name again?” he asked her. “It´s Sarah, but I hadn´t mentioned it yet. And yours?”
“It´s Robert, but everyone calls me Bobby.”
“So let´s go Bobby. The beach must be excellent now.”

Chapter 6

The beginning of the relationship between Bobby and Melissa was like a dream. A kind of dream that every girl wants to be in.
It was a dark night. It seemed that all the lights in town had been turned off. Mel had just left her building around nine o´clock. She didn´t like going out alone at night but she had to go to her grandmother´s because she had left her homework there and she would need it for the next day.
“I´ll be back in a few minutes, Pedro” she said to the doorman as he was coming back from the garage gate.
It was strangely cold too but maybe she hadn´t noticed it because she had been locked in her room writing for more than two hours.
Something strange was happening a couple of meters ahead. “What could it be, my God?” she thought. It seemed a group of people screaming.
Suddenly she stopped. There were five of them, three men and two women, coming towards her. One of the women said: “Hey, miss, what do you think you´re doing?”
“I…I´m sorry. I d-didn´t mean t-to bother you. I was just on my way to Humaitá. I won´t bother you anymore” she said starting to panic. Apologising for something she hadn´t done wrong just to get out of there as soon as possible.
“This is our area now. Me and the guys here don´t like to be interrupted by some stupid girl, ok? Let me see your wallet. How about buying us some booze, babe?” the strongest one asked coming closer.
“Christine! Where have you been? I´ve been waiting for you all evening!” it was an unknown voice coming from behind. She turned and saw a handsome and strong boy about her age talking to her.
“Mom is waiting for you. She said she wouldn´t start eating without you. Let´s go” he said, taking her hand and getting out of there.
“Just pretend you´re my sister or whatever” he whispered and ten seconds later the group was out of sight.
“I´m sorry to talk to you like this but I noticed something was very strange between you and those people” he said.
“Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. I was terrified. They seemed to be drunk or drugged and I think they wanted my money. If it wasn´t for you…Thank you. You´re an angel” she said to him, still trembling.
“It´s ok now. Where were you going? Do you want me to go with you?” he asked her and for the first time he noticed what a beautiful face she had.
“If you don´t mind” she said, “it´s near here but now I´m feeling so frightened. I´m going to my grandmother´s in Humaitá. I have to pick up some notebooks I left there.”
“No problem. In fact, I was going that way. By the way, what´s your name? Would it be Christine?” he asked, smiling to her.
“No, silly, it´s Melissa” she looked at him also smiling. “ And yours?”
“Call me Bobby.”

Chapter 7

From that blessed beautiful Saturday on everything started to change in Sarah´s life.
She used to be, until that day, an extremely unhappy girl who was always worried about a lot of things she wasn´t supposed to.
She had had some bad experiences with boys. She once fell in love with a guy who lived next door but she found out one day that he had a crush on his best friend.
Her world collapsed. She had made plans for the future. Their future together. But everything went down the drain when he told her about his feelings for another person.
She thought that she would never recover when she started to fall in love again. This time it was a classmate at her Spanish course. A very strong and handsome guy from Porto Alegre who lived in Barra. It was a little farther than what she really wanted but, what the hell, he seemed to be so lovely.
Everything changed when he told her he would have to spend one year in São Paulo for his job. She had a friend who had a boyfriend in another city and she felt miserable all the time, crying and having no motivation to do anything.
So she told him she wouldn´t play the part of the girl waiting three weeks, sometimes two months to see her boyfriend for two days and then spending a lot of time missing their few moments together. It would be better to finish everything right away and no word he could say would make her change her mind about it.
But now, as Bobby´s girlfriend, nothing could possibly go wrong. She
had a smooth way ahead of her.

Chapter 8

"Honey, what a wonderful day it is ! I can´t believe we´ll be able to spend it together at the beach, it´s too good to be true!" , Booby told Mel as they were walking hand in hand, smiling and having a lot of fun.
"I can´t either. I am finally free of those damned tests. I thought I´d never come here again with you. I was missing you so much." she said tenderly, holding his hand tighter and unable to stop smiling.
In fact the day was awesome. The sky was blue, the sun was warm, but not too warm, the beach was not crowded and everything they had to do was to enjoy themselves.
Tony would be there any minute with his new girlfriend, Helena. Bobby was happy because of that too. He knew Tony and he deserved the best. Helena seemed to be the kind of girl one would be lucky to find. She was beautiful, smart, patient and loved Tony from the bottom of her heart. And so did he.
A few hours later, Bobby was starting to get hungry as the morning was becoming afternoon.
"Mel, dear, how about a hamburger in a gas station one block from here. I really feel like having a snack now".
"Reading my thoughts, sweetheart? I was going to ask you the same." she said as she put on her t-shirt and skirt and started leaving the beach.
They left the beach, crossed the street and entered the place. While Mel was choosing what to eat Bobby´s heart almost stopped.
There was no mistake, Sarah had already seen them and was coming towards them furious.
"Who´s this girl you seem so happy to be with, Robert?"

Chapter 9

That was surely Sarah´s worst day in life. She left the store running, crying and screaming at the same time and got almost hit by a car.
When she got home she went straight to her bedroom and strongly slammed the door behind her. It couldn´t be possible. “What the hell have I done to deserve this?” she asked herself in a loud voice as if she were talking to somebody else.
She grabbed the phone and called her best friend Jane to tell her what had happened and to ask for some advice.
Jane had barely listened to her story when she said what every good friend would say just a few moments after knowing the facts: “You have to do the same thing. You have to show him you´re not suffering and do the same”.
“Do you really think that?”

Chapter 10

The next day, Bobby asked for a second chance and Sarah said it would be possible. After all, they loved each other and she knew everybody deserved a second chance.
All that was two months ago. Now it was August and Sarah knew there was a guy hitting on her and he was Bobby´s boss in a company he had been working for a couple of months and expected to be there as long as possible.
For the last two months Jane had been warning Sarah about Bobby. “It´s ok you forgave him but once he did it, he´ll never stop doing it. He´ll cheat on you again and, when it happens, because I´m sure it will happen sooner or later, you´ll be even worse. Some people even think about suicide and stuff like that.”
“It won´t happen, Jane, he has changed. He´s been a real gentleman and even more caring.”
Unfortunately, as Jane had predicted, it happened. Bobby was seen by a friend of Sarah´s in a nightclub with an amazing brunette. She went there and left without being seen. This time she wasn´t crying. She was furious and the first thing that came to her mind was to do the same with him, to go out with the guy from his job and even start dating him. But no, she was not that kind of girl. She would never do that.
It was almost two in the morning but she went to Jane´s to talk to her.

Chapter 11

"I won't do that!"
"Ok, you won't, but don't ask me to help you anymore. You know that's what you have to do."
"I know it would be good for me but I'm not that kind of girl. I don't destroy people."
"But you let them destroy you. We both know you don't deserve that, you've been the best girlfriend ever. Nobody would do what you have done."

Chapter 12

Bitterness, loneliness, sadness. That was Sarah's life now. She was not a bad person. At least not yet, as she sometimes thought. But she knew she wouldn't have the courage to do anything against anyone. She didn't feel like doing anything, talking to anybody or going anywhere. What she thought all the time was why he did that. And twice! She knew him, she knew he was a good man. Everybody admired him. He was helpful, nice and honest. She wondered if there was someone like him in the world but, on the other hand, there must be someone faithful too.
She decided it was time she took a walk around the neighborhood. Maybe she would buy something in a store or she could even go to the mall.
Mel´s life was also a mess. She didn´t know Bobby had a girlfriend. She never would have started dating him if she had known everything. Now she was not as sad and miserable as Sarah was, maybe because she was five years older than her, but she was feeling odd. What would she do? Breaking up was an option. She might keep on seeing him and pretend nothing had happened.
She decided she would take a walk to think it over.

Chapter 13

Rio Sul was the best mall in town. Everybody thought that way, including Sarah and Melissa, who decided to go there at the same time.
Even though she lived more than 20 blocks away from the mall, Sarah decided she would go there on foot. It would be good to think about her life, make some decisions and exercise a bit.
Mel, of course, went there on foot too. The mall was near her house. What they couldn't imagine was that not only would they see each other there but they would arrive at the same time. Both of them with a curious look on their faces. "No wonder he liked her", they thought at the same time, "she's really beautiful!"
Mel was the first to introduce herself: "Hi, my name is Melissa. I am sorry for what happened. I didn't know about you."
Sarah said back: "Yeah, I believe you. I didn't know anything either." It was an awkward situation but they were facing it bravely.
"Would you like to drink something?" Mel said, "we could go to a fast food restaurant and talk a little while longer."
"It's fine with me" Sarah said, "maybe we could find a solution for this."
And actually they did. They left the mall together almost two hours later and headed for Bobby's to have a serious conversation with him. The three of them would solve this problem like grown-ups.
Mel rang the bell at his house and a couple seconds later they heard some noise, like people running and falling.
Bobby opened the door and almost fell when he saw the two of them together. Next to him Gabrielle started to panic but it was too late, they had already been seen and Mel and Sarah were furious.
"We came here to talk to you, to have a civilized conversation but I see it's pointless. I never want to see you again in my life. Enjoy your little bitch, you bastard!" Mel said, turning her back to Bobby and starting to go away.
"Melissa, wait!" Sarah said, "I'll go with you. I'm tired of being stupid and doing nothing about it."
At the same moment she slapped him and said: "I hope you go to hell together!"
He tried to call them back but it was all in vain and when he realized that he turned to Gabrielle and saw tears in her eyes.
"I never wanted it to be like this" she said, "But don't worry, darling, we'll be happy together. Just the two of us." and then she stopped talking for a moment, looked down at her belly, caressed it with her hands and said: "The three of us".
That was when Bobby started to faint.

Questionário – Perguntas de Interpretação, Vocabulário e Gramática relativos a alguns capítulos do livro.

Capítulo 1:
1 – Na terceira fala, explique o uso de IT em "I know it would be good..."
2 – Explique a colocação dos verbos let e destroy na quarta fala em "But you let them destroy you".
3 – No quinto parágrafo, após o intervalo maior de linhas, reescreva a oração substituindo as well as por outra forma.
4 – No parágrafo seguinte, elabore uma frase em que spend tenha um significado diferente.
5 – No penúltimo parágrafo, explique o uso do present perfect nas primeiras linhas: "have been seeing each other..."
6 – Explique os hífens no último parágrafo: "24-year-old".
7 – O que você entendeu do livro no primeiro parágrafo ?

Capítulo 2:
1 – Primeira linha: explique o uso dos dois futuros.
2 – Explique o present perfect na terceira linha. Esta resposta é mais difícil que a da pergunta 5 do capítulo anterior.
3 – Ao fim do diálogo inicial do capítulo, antes do intervalo maior de linhas, o que você entendeu a respeito da posição de Tony ? O que ele quer e por quê ?
4 – No penúltimo parágrafo, reescreva a oração "Everytime he's got a chance" usando outro tempo verbal mas dizendo a mesma coisa.
5 – Uma linha abaixo, por quê o ing em lending ?

Capítulo 3:
1 – Faça a pergunta em Inglês: O fim de semana de quem não foi muito bom ?
2 – Segunda linha – Qual a diferença de rob para steal ? Dê exemplos.
3 – Quarta linha – Explique o uso de some aqui e na segunda linha deste parágrafo.
4 – Responda, em Inglês, ao fim do primeiro parágrafo: Por quê o fim de semana da Melissa não foi bom ? Comece dizendo: Não foi bom porque...
5 – Quinto parágrafo – Por quê whether e não if ?
6 – Ache um comparativo no nono parágrafo.
7 – Último parágrafo – Por quê may e não can ?

Capítulo 5:
1 – Segunda linha - Por quê o ing em thinking ? Esta resposta é mais complexa que a da pergunta 5 do cap 2.
2 – Quarta linha – Explique os dois it.
3 – Ao acabar de ler o primeiro parágrafo, como você acha que Bobby estava se sentindo ? Escreva, em Inglês, da forma mais completa possível.
4 – No quinto parágrafo após a quebra de linha, sexto do capítulo, explique este indoors. Qual a diferença para outdoors ?
5 – No parágrafo seguinte, como ficaria a frase se ao invés de ele achar a Lagoa o lugar mais bonito do Rio ele achasse o maior, mais extenso ? Use o adjetivo Large.
6 – Um pouco mais abaixo, no início da conversa entre Bobby e Sarah: porque some e não any na pergunta ? Qual a diferença ? O trecho está em "Do you need some help ?"
7 - Na antepenúltima fala do capítulo – O que você entendeu por esse again. Escreva um pequeno texto num parágrafo e use-o em outro exemplo com o mesmo sentido. Não usar again = de novo, novamente.

Capítulo 8
1 – Primeira linha - Por quê be able to e não can ?
2 – Primeira linha do segundo parágrafo - Por quê either e não too ?
3 – Segunda linha do terceiro parágrafo – Por quê too e não very ?
4 – Quarto parágrafo – Em relação aos fatos apresentados neste parágrafo por quê Bobby estava feliz ? Responda em Inglês.
5 – Reescreva as duas últimas frases do quarto parágrafo trocando o passado pelo futuro com will.
6 – Sétimo parágrafo – Dê um sinônimo para sweetheart.
7 – Antepenúltimo parágrafo – Responda em Inglês: Por quê o coração de Bobby quase parou ?

Capítulo 10
1 – Terceira linha – Qual a forma numérica de second ?
2 – Quinta linha – O que você entendeu por hitting on ?
3 – Décima segunda linha – Dê um sinônimo para stuff.
4 – Penúltimo parágrafo – O que Sarah nunca faria ?
5 – Retire do capítulo: (As respostas estão em ordem do começo para o fim)
a – Um comparativo de superioridade
b – Um substantivo incontável
c – Uma voz passiva
d – Três verbos irregulares conjugados no simple past.

Capítulo 13
Pergunta única - Você entendeu o fim ? Explique com suas palavras, em Inglês, e com pelo menos 10 linhas.

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