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Exercicio 23 - Nível Intermediário

Um aluno x escreveu uma redação às pressas e entregou ao seu professor sem revisar. Ficaram vários erros mas nenhum de tempos verbais ( por isso o exercício é intermediário e não avançado ).
Ache e corrija os tais erros.

Linda is a very beautifull blond girl.
She lives with her parents and two simblings: John, who is one years older than her, and Martha, who is 2 years younger.
She has lived with then in Botafogo all her life .
She likes it very much because its near the beaches, the subway, the supermakets and the malls.
She goes to PUC every morning where she‘s learning how in be a good english teacher.
She intends to work in an english course like her mother.
Tonight is the most important nihgt in her life. Her boyfriend, Markus is coming back from a busines trip to united states and she is missing him a lot.
She also expects him to propose.
She has been thinking about this all day long.
If everything’s all right tonight, tomorrow she’ll try to ask her boss for her vacations.
She and Markus are going to visit her granparents in Portugal.
Maybe they’ll go to paris too but it’s not certain yet.
She would like to go there to know whether it’s a good idea or not to came bach later for their honeymoon.

Tente explicar com suas palavras em Inglês:
O que é :
Ex: Mall - It´s a place where people usually go to buy things as books, clothes and toys. They also gather in groups to talk, eat, drink.
To propose

Tente fazer umas 5 perguntas para informações que estão no texto.
Ex: Linha 2 - No texto: She lives with her parents ...
Pergunta: Who does she live with ?

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