terça-feira, 16 de setembro de 2008

Exercício 21 - Nível Básico

Assuntos : Verbo to be, Present Continuous e Simple Present.


Where is ________ mother ?
She is at ________ now.
Ok, tell me, what is she doing ?
She is ________ TV.
But, what ________ she do ?
She is ________ teacher. She ________ for a good school and she has 10 classes ________ day.
And what does she like ________ do ?
She likes to play ________ piano, listen to music and watch TV.
How ________ is she ?
She is 52 years ________.
How ________ children ________ she have ?
She has only one. I ________ have any siblings.
What about you ? Do you ________ in Botafogo too ?
Yes, I ________. In a very big house.
________ you married ?
Yes, I ________.
________ ________ wife beautiful ?
Yes, very much.

Passe as frases abaixo para :
a) Negativo - John does his homework every Sunday.
b) Singular - They are very good engineers.
c) He wants to know what time it is.

Corrija os erros ( tem muuuuuuito erro aqui ! )
My sister have 30 years. She is work for a good company and have much friends there.
In Saturday she like run and ride her bycicle.
She always is happy and everybody like she.

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