sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010

Exercício 59 - Nível intermediário

Identifique, nos 10 pares de frases abaixo, as palavras erradas em ambas frases. Elas trocaram de lugar, ou seja, a palavra errada da frase de cima deve ser colocada no lugar da palavra errada da frase debaixo e vice-versa.

1 - She´ll probably buy home later tonight.
We need to come more chocolate. We are runnig out of candies at home.

2 - Don´t let the dog up. It´s raining.
Get out, it´s almost 7 o´clock ! It´s time to go to school.

3 - I know you lost the 9 o´clock bus. Don´t worry, it´s ok.
You missed your wallet ? Again ?

4 - We´ve been waiting for a hour.
She went to an university near her brother´s.

5 - She said you win 3,000 a month. Is it true ?
They always make the race when it´s hot and humid...

6 - The referee told him to serve again.
The umpire sent him off when he stopped the ball with his right hand.

7 - This sound is too tall !
He is a very loud guy.

8 - I hate it when it´s Saturday evening and I have nothing to make.
Before you do this phone call listen to what I have to tell you.

9 - I can´t believe you are seeing TV again !
They´ve been watching each other for more than one year, I think.

10 - Don´t forget to tell your parents to come hear tomorrow.
I don´t wanna here this anymore. Stop !

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