sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2009

Colégio Santo Amaro - Aula 11

Corrija as 50 frases erradas abaixo.
Todas foram pensadas em Português.

It was an exercise so difficult that nobody could do it.
I don't know what time is it.
I take 20 minutes to read this magazine.
She told me to don't go there.
Give me a 100 dollars bill so I can buy what you need.
I heard to say that Paris is wonderful.
Who did give you this book ? It seems wonderful.
Whose is this wonderful white dress ?
Would you like anything to drink ?
Please, help me to move this bed.
The men don't like to ask for information when they are lost.
To overtake on the right is forbidden by the Brazilian laws.
She exercises 3 times by week.
She has just finished to type 6 letters.
Don't buy this blue t-shirt. I think the yellow is much more beautiful.
I'm very happy because I still have a little good books.
Maria went out. Would you like to talk to her?
I don't know if I stay here or go to the party.
Or you help me with housework or you do your homework. You can't play soccer now.
Man, if you went to the party yesterday you would eat a lot. The food was awesome.
Do you know Mark's parents ? Yes, I knew them at the party last weekend.
See you on next week.
You know that I hate baseball. In fact I don't like basketball too.
When was invented the telephone ?
Help ! He is running behind me.
I think I'm going to call her.
The girl is sad because those boys are laughing to her.
Don't worry. This is ok.
Oh my God ! Have lots of insects in the living room.
I didn't enjoy the party but my wife enjoyed.
I don't believe it. Are you living on Vieira Souto ??? Please, tell me more about it.
I already have called her. Don't worry.
I know you like very much your teacher but she has to go home now.
I forgot my umbrella at home this morning.
My computer is not working properly. Can I use your for a minute ?
How many cups of tea these people want ?
Diane was very happy yesterday. She said she is enjoying her job a lot.
Good afternoon ! I am going to want french fries and a large coke.
There is a nice movie at 9p.m today.
I woke up at 8 when I was a child.
We've known us for a long time.
Mary is a good student. She goes to the school every day.
There is not money enough to buy this.
You can take everything you want less the books. I want them.
She can run very fastly.
How long do you live in Rio ?
I can't call him. I wish to know his number.
These musics are great ! Can you lend me this CD ?
It's a black old table. She bought it more than 40 years ago.
I don't need your advices !

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