quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

Exercício 52

Vocabulário - Nível Intermediário - Avançado

Observe os itens abaixo e complete as frases:

ad - add - advice - advise - beside - besides - fair
famous for - father - flesh - for sale - forget - hardly
how good - how well - leave - notorious for - on sale
priest - revenge - such - trip

( Muitos acima vão sobrar )

______ being smart, she is also very beautiful.
______, forgive me for I have sinned.
Be careful not to ______ or you will get hurt.
Dad, ______ are you at soccer ?
Don´t do this to your younger friends. It´s not ______. You´re taller and stronger than they are.

Everything is ______. Come now and buy all you can.
Follow my ______ and do what he wants you to do. He is your father.
Humans are made of ______ and blood.
Hurry ! Can´t you see that she can ______ breathe ?
She had to put an ______ on the newspaper because her boss wants to hire more people.
She´ll probably seek ______ on the ones who were responsible for her boyfriend´s death.
She´s _____ a good worker that everybody asks for her help.
Those thieves are ______ their crimes.
Try not to ______ your umbrella in the car again.

Caso você tenha achado esse exercício familiar, ele foi baseado no Exercício 48

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