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Agora duas provas de Trainee (achei razoavelmente fáceis)



1 The world of computer security has changed
dramatically in the last few years, and one of the greatest
challenges now facing CIOs and IT directors is the task of
4 maintaining the security of their IT environments. The effects
of a security breach can be catastrophic, including unplanned
downtime and the resulting loss of service, a potentially
7 significant financial impact, and the loss of sensitive and
confidential information. This problem has been
compounded by the proliferation of networked PCs and
10 servers as well as the growing intelligence of malicious
software that seeks to exploit and expand throughout the
Internet infrastructure.
13 Companies are releasing new technologies and tools
to address the needs of system administrators responsible for
managing the security large numbers of geographically
16 dispersed systems. For example, technologies such as
Position Independent Executables (PIE) and Exec Shield
help protect against buffer overflows, a tactic frequently
19 employed by attackers to infiltrate and compromise flawed
software programs.

According to the text, judge the following items (mark true or false)
1 At present, new technological devices are being made public
to help with the needs of system administrators.
2 Computers have undergone tragic changes recently.
3 To maintain CIOs and IT directors is the most crucial job to
be done to keep the security of their IT environments.
4 The consequence of a security breach can be disastrous.
5 The occurrence of a security breach can bring about only
three undesirable results.
6 Two of the technologies to help protect against buffer
overflows are mentioned.
7 Security problems have not been spread all over many
geographical areas.

In the text,
8 “compounded” (R.9) is synonymous with improved.
9 “frequently” (R.18) is the opposite of seldom.
10 “confidential” (R.8) is the same as secret.


1t 2f 3f 4t 5f 6t 7f 8f 9t 10t

Para ajudar na compreensão do texto acima: (estas traduções não fazem parte da prova)
CIO – Chief Information Office
Breach – ruptura
Downtime – paralização
Overflow – excesso – transbordamento
Compounded - Agravado

SEBRAE-MA – Processo Seletivo para Trainee PROVA AMARELA
Língua Estrangeira – Inglês

Aplicação - JULHO 2008

Read the text below and answer questions 1 to 5.


One important reason is the big delay – and
advantage – women have over men in terms of
cardiovascular disease, like heart attack and stroke.
Women develop these problems usually in their 70s
and 80s, about 10 years later than men, who develop
them in their 50s and 60s. For a long time, doctors
thought the difference was due to estrogen. But
studies have shown that this may not be the case,
and now we know that giving estrogen to women
post-menopause can actually be bad for them.
By Laura Blue

1 - According to global sense of the text, the word about in
the sentence “about 10 years later...”, can be
replaced, without changing the idea, by

a) at most
b) at least
c) exactly
d) approximately
e) at the minimum

2 - The word who, in line 5, can be adequately substituted,
without changing the idea, for
a) what
b) which
c) whose
d) those
e) that

3 - In line 6, the word them refers to
a) women
b) men
c) problems
d) doctors
e) Laura Blue

4 - The estrogen to women post-menopause can be
a) good
b) worst
c) important
d) dangerous
e) excellent

5 - The numbers 70s and 80s is related to
a) age
b) measurement
c) years
d) century
e) time

1-d - Usamos "about" para nos referirmos a valores aproximados. Ex: Here in Rio, we can say that Barra da Tijuca is about 30km far from Botafogo.
2-e - Em se tratando de pronome relativo, who vai ser sempre equivalente a that com exceção dos apostos.
3-c - Them na linha 6 se refere a problems na linha 4
4-d - Dangerous é o único adjetivo da lista que nos mostra uma carcterística ruim.

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